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13 shipments

>11,9 tons of aid supplies


In cooperation with Tourismusverein Stockach e.V., located near Constance on Lake Constance, we have sent a new aid shipment to Dnipro.

After the terrible bombing on Dnipro on January 15, 2023, Tourismusverein Stockach has launched a large fundraising campaign for Mechnikova hospital. In the last few weeks, an immense number of medical and humanitarian goods were collected and then transported to Hamburg by a truck full to the brim.
We are happy that our medical aid delivery also found room in the subsequent truck and is now on its way to Dnipro!
A big thank you to Tourismusverein Stockach e.V. for their trust and also for the generous donations from their community. We are proud to be part of this great campaign and will continue helping Ukraine.


365 days – one year after Russia began their war of aggression against Ukraine, the situation in Ukraine and Europe has deteriorated dramatically.
It is unclear for how long this war will be ongoing and how it will affect our future.

Since the beginning of the war, we have been supporting the Ukrainian people. Thanks to more than 1’250 individual donations – some very generous ones, we have been able to send more than 12 shipments including than 6.5 tons of material to Ukraine – providing valuable help to hospitals and the civilian population.

We would like to thank all donors and active members of Comparus hilft e.V. for their ongoing voluntary support. We would like to thank all donors and active members of Comparus hilft e.V. for their ongoing voluntary support. A special thanks also goes to our cooperation partner Apotheker ohne Grenzen e.V.. Their support allows us to achieve even more effectiveness.

It keeps remaining important to show our solidarity to the Ukrainian people while actively offering support and assistance.


In early February our biggest shipment yet contained more than 1 ton of various aid and medical supplies.


Due to the holiday season in Germany and Ukraine, our eleventh transport in direction Ukraine only left end of January. This rather small shipment contained rescue blankets.


Following multiple calls for donations at different schools in Hamburg, our tenth transport to Dnipro consits of ten pallets with about 500 kg of donations in kind.

This time, we are sending blankets as well as winter clothing and shoes, mostly for children.


After some of the most consume oriented days of the year – Black Friday and Cyber Monday, #GivingTuesday has come to life in 2012. This year, #GivingTuesday is on November 29: Tuesday after Thanksgiving, as always. It is a day of action, requesting people around the world to social commitment, mutual support and reflection. We also take the opportunity to benefit from the spirit of this day to continue supporting where help is needed most.

One of Hamburg’s schools hosted a donation day in favor of Comparus hilft e.V. Students and parents were informed that we collect warm clothes and blankets for the people in Ukraine. All donations were ready for pick up in the afternoon and we will now organize transportation to Ukraine. Im nächsten Schritt werden wir die Lieferung in die Ukraine planen.

A big thank you to the school and all contributors for organizing this event and to all donors for their great support!


With our ninth aid transport, we shipped almost 400 kg of aid supplies once again. The supplies contained wheelchairs, medicines and rescue wipes.


Our eigth aid transport includes about 200 kg of various aid supplies such as wheelchairs, medicines and diapers.


With our seventh delivery, we were able to once again ship about 600 kg of relief supplies on their way to the central Ukrainian city of Dnipro.


Today we virtually met Olena and Victoria of Mechnikova hospital. We spoke about our cooperation thus far and were given an insight into the current situation in the Dnipro region. The video is currently only available with German subtitles – we are working on an English version.


Our sixth aid delivery again consisted of wheelchairs, walkers and rollators – as well as urgently needed rescue sheets, whose delivery was delayed for over 3 months due to supply chain bottlenecks.


We are delighted to announce the partnership with the likewise non-profit association Apotheker ohne Grenzen e.V. (AoG), which has been committed to helping sick people in need worldwide for over 20 years.

Together with AoG we can now procure the medicines urgently needed at Mechnikova Hospital even more efficiently, thanks to AoG’s many years of experience.


Our fifth aid transport had a slightly different focus: in addition to some medicines, this time around we sent 15 wheelchairs and 20 pairs of walking aids to Ukraine.


In general, 100 days since the foundation of our association would be a reason to celebrate – unfortunately, however, this also means that the war in Ukraine has already been lasting for more than 100 days. Furthermore, we regularly receive requirement lists in which the hospitals caring for the wounded communicate their need for medical supplies – or even medical machines.
In these past 100 days we have received over 1,200 individual donations ranging from €10 to €5,000 – and we would like to once again thank you for your support from the bottom of our hearts! Thanks to these donations we were able to send four aid transports containing mostly medical supplies from Hamburg via Lviv to Dnipro. As long as Ukraine is under attack and has to be rebuilt, we at Comparus hilft will do everything we can to provide help where it is most urgently needed.


In April we had a somewhat different visit: the German children’s tv channel Kinderkanal (KiKA) visited our premises to get to know the Ukrainian children and to report about their new everyday life.

The story was broadcast on May 22nd, 2022 in the show “Team Timster”. The episode “Together with Ukraine” was produced bilingually in German and Ukrainian and starting from minute 11:51 there is an insight into the everyday school life of Sascha, who has already been digitally participating in the lessons of his Ukrainian school from Germany since March.

The video is available here.


The first member meeting takes place as a hybrid meeting. The board members Britta Gamarnik and Kai Boehnke give a report about the association’s activities so far and a Ukrainian member of the association gives an insight into the current situation on the ground.


In May, we received a request from the medical staff of the hospital in Dnipro to procure medicines such as local anesthetics, antibiotics and painkillers. On 11.05.2022 we were able to load our fourth transport with 360 kg of these medicines and have it embark on its about 2,000 km long journey to Dnipro.


Our third aid shipment containing dressing material, rescue blankets and infusion solution leaves Hamburg. The latter is a refrigerated item, which presented us with a small challenge for onward shipping… our solution met with great demand in Ukraine – not only because the solution arrived at a suitable temperature, but also because refrigerated containers are in short supply locally and could be put to good use.


We received a request for help from a Ukrainian organization that focuses on transporting refugees within Ukraine. Their bus broke down and needed urgent repair, which the Ukrainian organization could not bear from their own funds. Comparus hilft took over the repair costs and the bus was successfully repaired.


With our second aid transport, we send urgently needed surgical caps, surgical gowns and resuscitation bags to Ukraine.


Comparus hilft e.V. is listed in the Hamburg register of associations under VR 24995.


Press release

A conference room's transformation into a classroom

Hamburg-based aid association transforms office space into classroom for refugee children from Ukraine

Hamburg, March 22nd, 2022 – Hamburg-based non-profit organization Comparus hilft e.V. is using Comparus GmbH’s office space within Valvo Park in Langenhorn to enable children from Ukraine to attend online lessons with their Ukrainian schools. From their network of Ukrainian employees, founding members of the association had learned about the need for rooms and agreed to provide appropriate space.
The Hamburg-based company from which the aid organization emerged itself has a sister company in Dnipro, Ukraine, and together with the aid organization is trying to provide the necessary supplies to crisis regions and the arriving refugees.

It is 07:30 am when Britta Gamarnik opens the door for the children. In addition to her main profession as managing director of a consulting company, she is now also volunteering as a child care worker. Eight schoolchildren, all of them refugee children from Ukraine, are currently using her company’s office space within Valvo Park in Essener Straße as a classroom. “The office’s digital infrastructure is ideal for the children to attend their online lessons. These hybrid lessons are offered by the Ukrainians schools in order to continue providing structure and daily life for the children who have fled, but also for those who have stayed in Ukraine. Thanks to donations in kind from team members as well as friends, we also have toys and some children’s books for learning German here. Due to the pandemic, the premises are not used to 100% capacity, so it’s great that we can use them for such a good cause.”
The improvised classroom allows the children to keep their connection to their peers, discuss and process the events with teachers and classmates – while at the same time relieving the parents.

“Comparus hilft e.V. originally developed from the emergency when we found out about the local situation in terms of aid supplies and first aid medical supplies from colleagues at our sister company in Ukraine and acquaintances in the region.”, says Britta Gamarnik, foundress of Comparus hilft e.V. “Since the beginning of the war many members of our teams volunteered and together we help improving the supply situation in Ukraine while also helping refugees here in our offices.” In addition to providing classrooms and playrooms, we also help coordinate housing and provide everyday necessities such as clothing – many have come with only the bare essentials. We are also in close contact with the city of Norderstedt, which, together with its citizens, really takes care of the accommodation of the Ukrainian families in private homes”.

Companies, that also have coworkers in Ukraine and would like to help, are welcome to contact Comparus hilft e.V.. Donations or temporary loans of WIFI-enabled laptops or tablets can also help the association to enable further refugee students to attend their classes.


The first aid shipment consisting of 500 kg of donations in kind from Comparus GmbH is on its way to Ukraine.


The non-profit organization “Comparus hilft e.V.” is founded by its eight founding members.


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