Especially around christmas time
Doing good together

Comparus hilft e.V.

October 2022 -

Especially around christmas time:
Hamburg helping Ukraine, join us!

More than 230 days ago a new reality was forced on Ukraine and the world. For more than 230 days war has been raging within Europe. More than 230 days – and no end in sight.

Founded by Comparus GmbH, our non-profit association Comparus hilft e.V. is dedicated to helping people affected by the war in Ukraine.

The central Ukrainian city of Dnipro is located between Mariupol, the Donbass and Kharkiv and has been able to establish itself as a central point of contact for the wounded since the beginning of the armed conflict in 2014. We keep close contacts to the medical staff and volunteers at Mechnikova hospital in Dnipro. They provide us with precise requirement lists, which we act upon: we procure the supplies and arrange transportation to Dnipro.

Thanks to our partnership with the likewise non-profit organisation Apotheker ohne Grenzen e.V. (AoG) – whose track record for helping persons in need goes back more than 20 years, we can now count on their experience when it comes to procuring urgently needed medicines.

Since the beginning of the war in February, we have delivered more than 4 tons of materials to Dnipro in total – Hamburg helping Ukraine!

Unfortunately, we have been registering a decrease in donations for a while now. On the other hand, the need for relief goods in Ukraine does not decline – quite the contrary: requests for medicines and dressing material specifically are increasing. Hence, we still rely on monetary donations in order to keep procuring medicines and other relief goods and transporting them to Ukraine.

By now, many enterprises do without traditional Christmas gifts for employees or customers – instead they decide to make a donation to do good and show their social commitment.

If you – as a company or as an individual, want to join us helping Ukraine, we are looking forward to receiving your donation.

Comparus hilft e.V. has been acknowledged as a charitable association and is eligible to issue donation receipts.



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